Conyugues ColombiaVISA SPOUSE FOR COLOMBIA (Type -M).

Visa Spouses for Colombia of Spouse Permanent. It is understood by “spouses” those persons that maintain a matrimonial or analogous bond registered in a public organism either in Colombia or abroad.

Those who have contracted a valid marriage or form a de facto marital union with a Colombian national, or who meet the requirements to be considered as a permanent partner, in accordance with current legislation, may apply to the Colombian government for a temporary visa to reside in Colombia.

This type of type-M spouse visa enables its holder to reside in Colombia for a period of three (3) years, the foreign spouse who completes 3 years with his visa, can apply for residence, which has a validity of 5 years.

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In all cases, the stay of the foreigner holder of this visa will be the total of its validity with multiple entries to the country.

Remember that this category of visa is obtained with a duly registered marital bond between a Colombian national and a foreigner, if the case of a conjugal separation arrives the foreigner will have to process another type of visa to remain legally in the country.
For this procedure your passport must have a validity of more than 180 days and two blank pages.
The stay of the foreigner holding this visa will be the total of its validity.

When the application for a visa as a permanent partner of a Colombian national is submitted to a Consular Office of the Republic, the valid document proving the Union Marital de Hecho in accordance with the laws of the receiving country will be accepted.

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