You can obtain a Three (3) Forms Investor Visa in Colombia, it all depends on your activity and the amount of foreign currency you are willing to invest in the country:


The Entrepreneur or Partner Owner Visa Type – M: Allows the entrepreneur to enter and stay in Colombia to create, conduct and supervise a company or business, that is, to apply for this visa the foreigner must incorporate a company in Colombia this company must be active, ie generate goods and services pay taxes etc.. More information visit: Create a Company in Colombia Click Here.

We carry out the opening and constitution of juridical societies before Chamber of Commerce, Offering support and directing our clients to undertake their economic activity. Consolidating an integral accompaniment in the processes, requirements and proceedings; in agreement with its migratory situation in the country.


The visa as Property Owner: It allows you to stay in Colombia to enjoy the benefits of obtaining a real estate in the country. To apply for this type of visa, the foreigner must make an income of foreign exchange destined solely and exclusively to the purchase of real estate or real estate in the National Territory. We invite you to know our Real Estate services for the Purchase and Lease of Houses, Apartments, Offices and Warehouses in

Foreigners are recommended to make their investment with the real estate sector, because the stability in the interest rate generates confidence in the investors in fact, the Bank of the Republic announced that the interest rate will remain at low levels during this year due to lower inflation expectations.

Real estate investment in Colombia is very attractive due to its low risk, excellent valuation and profitability. It is a guaranteed investment, since a property is never lost; and in the event of a loss, it will be insured.


The Resident Visa is the highest immigration status in Colombia. To obtain this visa you must invest a capital greater than or equal to 180,000 USD, this money may be used to make a direct investment in a company with domicile in Colombia or the purchase of one or more properties. The foreigner holding a RE Visa will be authorized to exercise any legal activity in the country, including those that are developed by virtue of an employment contract. This type of visa shall be issued without prejudice to the legal requirements established for the exercise of each profession or trade in the national territory.

Ask about our real estate services in Colombia Here.

The requirements for the investor visa vary according to the type of investment you are willing to make in Colombia. With this information we can advise you by locating the type of visa that best suits your economic purpose in the country, emphasizing compliance with immigration laws and regulations to maintain an excellent image before the competent authorities.

Remember that thanks to our wide knowledge and experience of the Colombian migratory normative principles; we offer greater speed and agility in the legal managements necessary for your request of Colombian visa with responsibility quality and excellence, seeking that our work benefits your ideals in Colombia.
For this process your passport must have a validity of more than 180 days and two blank pages.
The stay of the foreigner holding this visa will be the total of its validity.

Information of interest for Investors:

Foreign investment in Colombia is the investment of capital from abroad in the Colombian territory, including the Colombian Free Trade Zones, by non-residents of Colombia. Residents are considered foreigners whose stay in the national territory exceeds 6 continuous months.

Foreign direct investment in Colombia is considered (Decree 2080 of 2000, literal a), art. 3):

Acquisition by non-residents of shares. Social quotas, contributions representing the capital of a company or bonds that are compulsorily convertible into shares.
The acquisition by non-residents of rights or participations in trust businesses entered into with trust companies subject to inspection and surveillance by the Superintendence of Finance of Colombia, when the object of the business does not consist in the acquisition of securities registered in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers, of participations in collective portfolios, as well as of securities listed in the local systems of quotation of securities from abroad.
The acquisition by non-residents of real estate, dire



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We offer a comprehensive consultancy and management package including the services listed below:

  • Opening of Bank Account (We have banking agreements).
  • We organize your migratory profile so that your application for a Colombian investor visa is successful.
  • We prepare and structure all the necessary documents for your Colombian visa application.
  • Presentation of Colombian visa before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any Colombian consulate abroad.
  • Registration and processing of Alien Registration Card.
  • We follow up your migratory process.
  • Translation Legalization and apostille of the documents required for your visa application.

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