How to Get a Colombian visa?

How to obtain a Colombian Visa. It should be taken into account mainly, the type of activity that the Expatriate citizen will carry out in Colombia, for example:

The foreign citizen can find Three (3) Types of Colombian Visas to work in the country:

Colombian Work Visa Type – M: with a validity of one (1) to three (3) years. Its main requirement is a labor contract issued by a company in Colombia.
Visitor’s Visa as Temporary Service Provider Type – V: With validity of one (1) to six (6) months, this type of visa is directed to specific works for a short period of Time.
Visitor Visa Type – V Intracorporative Transfer: With Validity of six (6) months to one year (1), this visa is directed to Expats that move from their company (parent company) abroad to a branch in Colombia (salary paid abroad).

Colombian Visa of Spouse Type – M Spouse or Permanent companion. The Colombian Visa of Spouse Type – M, allows the foreign citizen to carry out all licita activity in Colombia, Work, Study, independent activities, Investment, Business, does not have limitations of activity, as long as it contracts a matrimonial or analogous bond with a Colombian national. One of the greatest benefits of the Spouse visa, is that after two (2) years of validity, you can apply for a Resident Visa Type – R.

We invite you to know more types of visas for Colombia:

Work Visa in Colombia Type – M.

Crear empresa en ColombiaTemporary Migrant Worker Visa (Type – M). It is a mandatory document to perform work, supported and subject to a company incorporated in the country. It consists of a visa linked to the work contract signed by a company domiciled in Colombia with a validity of one (1) to three (3) years.

Technical Visitor Visa or Temporary Service Provider (Type – V). With a validity of one (1) to Six (6) Months, this type of visa is directed to Companies with specific projects, in which it requires the support of foreign personnel, to carry out Technical tasks for a short period of time. It should be borne in mind that the Visitor Visa Type – V and the Work Visa Type – M, will always be associated with a company in the country, in the event that the expatriate changes employer, you must inform Migration Colombia of your situation immediately.

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Investor Visa in Colombia.

Investor Visa as Entrepreneur Type – M.

For the Investor Visa as Entrepreneur or Owner Partner, the fundamental requirement is the constitution of a legal company, a Company in Colombia. Once the new company is incorporated, this type of Investor Visa will allow the entrepreneur to enter and stay in Colombia to develop, conduct and supervise his company or business, it is necessary that the company in which he invests his money is active, that is to say, that it produces goods or services. The minimum incorporation capital of the legal entity to obtain this visa category is USD 28,000, ninety million Colombian pesos ($90,000,000).

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Investor Visa as Owner of Real Estate Type – M.

To obtain this visa, the foreign citizen must monetize in his own name a minimum capital of USD 95.000 approximately $280.000.000 Million pesos, destined to the purchase of one or several Real Estate. Once the visa is approved, it will be valid for three (3) years.

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Resident Investor Visa Type – R.

This visa is one of the best Migratory options in Colombia. To obtain this visa the foreign citizen must enter a minimum capital of USD 170.000 approximately $520.000.00 Millions of pesos, destined to direct investment in the purchase of one or several Properties or to be invested in shares in a juridical society. Once the visa is approved, it will be valid for five (5) years in which it will allow you to carry out any lawful activity in the National territory (work, study, carry out independent activities, business, etc.).
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Migrant Visa as Spouse or Permanent Companion of Colombian National Type – M.

Conyugues ColombiaMay be granted for multiple entries by the coordination of visas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or consular offices of the republic, up to the term of three (3) years, the foreigner who has contracted a valid marriage with Colombian national, or who meets the requirements, to be considered as a permanent companion, in accordance with current national legislation.

Please note that the authority in charge (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular Offices) of issuing visas will have the power to conduct separate interviews and request further documentation, in cases where it deems appropriate, personally or through a suitable means of communication.